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Ever Stays Red
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  • Chanson: Blue
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Textes et Paroles de Blue

To spend one day with You
Is a thousand times better than I ever knew
Life could be
'Cause when I'm with You
All I see is good in me
To say Your love is true
Is as if I were to say I think the sky is blue
Inside of me
You're blue
As blue as blue could ever be

And You take me there
And You take me there
And You take me there
Won't you take me?
I wanna go
I wanna go

To spend one day with You
Makes me feel
Like I could fly away
Fly away and leave this life
To spend one day with You
Makes me see that You're the only way
Only way to get his high

To know You're there for me
Makes me feel inside like I could conquer anything
In front of me
'Cause when I'm with You
You supply my every need
To say my life is You
Is as if I were to say I think the oceans were blue
Around me
You're blue
As blue as blue could ever be


One day
One day with You
One day is better than I ever knew
You're better than I ever needed


Everyday I know You'll never leave me
Everyday I know that You will be there

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