Paroles High Tide Or No Tide de Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace
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  • Artiste: Evergreen Terrace6655
  • Chanson: High Tide Or No Tide
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Textes et Paroles de High Tide Or No Tide

serrated words
can cut so deep
they slash across my chest
and now they pour into my lungs.
they will never be the same.
have you enjoyed your selfish games

what doesn´t kill me, makes me numb

please don´t forgive me
I´m never waking up
this won´t mean anything to you
no use resisting
you´ll never get enough
this won´t mean anything to you

the hole you left
I filled with the stones
you threw and now it´s time to sink
rats will eat all my flesh and lick my bones clean

I´d rather be here than there with you

I need you to say I don´t mean anything to you
I need you to break, I don´t mean anything to you

I can´t breath with you near me
cut so deep, taking over
leave me here dead inside
I can´t breath knowing you´re alive

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