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  • Chanson: Evidence Is Everything
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Textes et Paroles de Evidence Is Everything

"Evidence is everywhere!"
[Ev:] Huh, and that's me

"Evidence is everywhere!"
And I'm here, and I'm here, and I'm here
"Evidence is everywhere!"
And I'm there, and I'm there, and I'm there

September, October, gone 'til November
Through the winter Ev I make it rain
They tryin to pull me out my lane, but the ink been dry
Ain't no smear campaigns, you too late
Never say goodbye, just so long for now
Wait my time, then tell 'em, I'm "Back Again"
I ain't heard you on the radio my friends say
I'm from Cali - they only play the West on Wednesday
CRAZY~! I been mistreated
Get love from the chef, still can't get seeded
They measurin love, I'm ranked top-seeded
They measurin sales, I ain't broke even
I see 'em! Other cats, ain't work like I
And they say those who can't do tend to redo
And I try to keep my head above water and dread
Love the music, don't love this bread

[Chorus x2]

"Baby this Evidence"
[LL:] "The E, the V, the I, the D, the E, the N, the C, the E"
[Rakim:] "Here go the evidence"
"Evidence" "Evidence!" "Evidence" "Evidence"
"Evidence, I'm bringin it"
"In seventy-six, born bomb lyricist
My name is Evidence" "Evidence" "Evidence"
[No I.D.:] "I'm a eyewitness and I got the evidence"
"Evidence" "Evidence!" "Ev-Evidence" "Yo"
"Comes equipped" "Evidence!" "Evi-dence"
[Jay-Z:] "Evidence", "Evidence" "Evidence!" "Evidence"
[Evidence:] "Evidence - got another soundmission"
"Evidence is on the beat, that's my Dilated Peep"
"Chillin with my nigga Evidence" "Got the evidence"
"Evidence, crank it" "Evidence!"
"Make some noise, for one of the illest cats
On the microphone, and the production boards - EVIDEEENCE!"

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