Paroles B.A.B.Y. de Evil Superstars

Evil Superstars
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  • Artiste: Evil Superstars11536
  • Chanson: B.A.B.Y.
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Textes et Paroles de B.A.B.Y.

Baby, baby, the sheets are wet with gasoline
Just sodomized a brontosaurus while shaving the back of a disco-queen
A grizzly in drag I've made crawl and beg for more while stealing the girls from the local musicscene

So drop your paintbrush
skip your dinner and
come down if you wanna have
smart sex with a winner

The heat off my socks, the little clouds of sperm
I'm an undercover pedestrian spreading the love germ
I may do it with a building but don't worry
I still think like a girl

So drop your gardenhose
skip your dinner and
come down if you wanna have
smart sex with a winner

Swing you pierced appendicitis
oh oh shake it baby
Swing that thing
ooh yes I like this
oh oh shake it baby

So drop your cannonball and
skip your dinner
come down if you wanna have
smart sex with a winner

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