Paroles Man Vs. Ape de Eyedea

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  • Artiste: Eyedea11652
  • Chanson: Man Vs. Ape
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Textes et Paroles de Man Vs. Ape

Move!There's no telling what I'ma doI'm eighty-thousand years of natural selection comin throughYou ain't got as much aggression, possessions, weaponsI'll be damned if I get outdone by the next manIf you're beliefs are different than mine, then we gonna fightWho needs peace when you can profit from being right?I hold picket signs outside abortion clinic doorsTake what I want with forceAnd my God could kill yoursInvolved with a species evolving so slowlyGenetically infantile, violent and holyWe think we're so smart but there's not much to knowCaveman is still alive behind those robot eyesFully controlled by ten thousand year old instinctsHands on the war button, flinch and your world's extinctThis is technology for the barbarianI see the future: the past, we'll be there againRemember, the atom bomb came from the same place as poetryDie dirty hippy commie scum Christian Muslim Buddhist JewDemocrat factory workin college student youthMy nervous system don't take no bullshitBeen dominating since the day I touched the monolithI only breed with sex-symbol worthy womenThey stay at home and cook while I go out a make a livingDon't challenge my ego, don't step on my shoeOtherwise the next wake that you attend might be for youGrindin' my teeth as I'm battling uphillThe fight against ape-hood is fate versus free willWe think we're advanced but there's nowhere to goMammals stay captive to animal actionsSo slowly we climb up this DNA brick wallAddicted to emptiness, anger and pitfallsDesire for space, territory, or lustWe'll eventually turn this whole planet to dustThere can be no peace when man is still a part of itPurpose, perseverance, wordless amoeba surfaceTo lead the first coherent paleolithic circusSpecific neuro-circuits link man and NeanderthalHowever, recent bio-chemical imprintsconflict with primitive urgesIt's full blown ontological warfareMurdering memories in the future two million yearsPeace is a word we often say,But it can't exist as long as the ape is here to stay

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