Paroles Monster Inside de Eyedea

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  • Artiste: Eyedea11652
  • Chanson: Monster Inside
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Textes et Paroles de Monster Inside

Yo theres a Monster Inside MeAnd I hide because for many tiny dissruptionI find the destruction of all emcees, fallen freesWith ya hands behind ya backya men will find ya fractured, i attack first, and you lastso im walkin away laughin', stay passiveI tell My self but Aggresion's my weapon of choice.can you feel me, xxxx if you can feel me or notcause really its not for you of filling the potholes of hip hop skillshead for the hills if ya wanna keep that head for real cause i intend to killi belge more flavor than anyone with four more years of expierienceheres a tip, quit rhyming quick, ya xxxxx got me inferiousseriously monsterous is how i actin, problem wackness down to fractionsbouncing back in different form with abnormal reactions you were born.don't be rappin faster then your seat belt, and chill an feel the heat melt ya grill.the monsters comin out to kill, i feel im stealin my brains positionitchin for this win its in my blood to kill.whats even stranger is that this anger is wrapped up with a bunch of stealit doesn't feel right to let a fake emcee, walk away from me not believen'even is i liked him as a person, i have to hurt him just for teasinme and my lyrics are tite like cartoonitry and snow in the winter seasonwere alone at night i start to emcee even when im sleepin.eatin you is healthy cause your not fat got that, in factyour quite nutritious i might do dishes with your watery assyou got to be fast to ecscape my rapsbut what makes me laugh is your fake xxx tracksim brakin backs with bats over anythingmy voice is echoing likeThis was the Grand Canyon but this man standin aint funnybeat... as the monster comes to xxxx up your crew.I have illogical deep dark dreams, where i follow you to the sweet park sceneand see me starting to perform a new pain infliction act that maybe its an accidentMy conscious tells me but its a full moon, so soon i will return to my restin place.Im feeling wrestless weight, i wet my sweaty face, and i stills to dream of manifestinto my flows a monster grows.I gotta go get a cup of tea and relax, as i realise no one can xxxx with me and my raps.ya trapped, im in a world with wackness and they comin back with flashes with acid tripsI have to rip your tounge out, come out and get it back ya bitchyou be rhymin in a puddle of your own blood after this,ha suddenly your mumbling, funny thing i thought you would just stopcause my lyrics are monsterfying sorry to leave ya momma cryingbut i need to eat you, its a urge from within, no I don't really chew on youits worth the words im kickin'so within my own analasys, my style is cryspso listen for a flaw, im gettin callouses from grippin this mic to hardyour like oh god please come to my rescue but he told me to test youfor messin with hip hop you get dropped the rhymin cops come and arrest youwhen its time to stop, we don't expect you to keep flowin,i'll call the next crew, cause you got me dozin.your weak slow and ya keep posin' to be an MCill leave ya beat broke, and ya beats roast from lease out lyricsya like cheap clothes from daytons, you don't belong hereim stronger with my xxxx than lumberjaxes with axesya stomach acid is active. and my attack is massivefighting back with magical lyrical tactics.deteriorating, and inferirating MC's when I get hotim nearly 280 degrees ya making me allergies are highly sensitive to know achievment.its impossible to stop the monsters force of believing,i'll make ya eat xxxx and wash it down with coffee groundsyou cross the bound, to reason, im on the break of insanityfor some odd reason surrounding metoo many undeveloped pitiful lies my riddlesi blow minds i leave you paralyzed when i chizzle your spine.a paradise for a monster, is it devine, abilities is ready to Dineand conquer mine will stomp yours and im alot worse,than a fictional motion picture, so don't get me confused with Jason or Micheal Myersyou'll be studdering over my words, ya tumblin like clothes in the dryer,most men aspire, from th first verse but watch ya heads roll rolling like tires,like my eyes were when you were flowin, did'nt know to admireyour just showin you tired, well i suggest you leave before she gets crippledSo When you find mutilated bodies in the crowd you know who ripped it

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