Paroles I , Sculpture de Fall On Deaf Years

Fall On Deaf Years
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  • Chanson: I , Sculpture
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Textes et Paroles de I , Sculpture

the burning sun perennial blossoms mirror unforgottable summers.
i, sculpture
intoxicated smiles under cataonic states and orange filled eyes statuesque and frozen by the thorns of joy
where friendship is as scarce as truth
and sincerity dribbles from our mouths like waterfalls
nothing can take away our youth but the hanging reminder that we are finite

i believe in today and yesterdays
friendship isn't revolutionary
summers were meant to die for.

tomorrow is here and i am lost and confused as to where i am going. i want to come home every day with a smile. i look around and i see slaves to their boring cyclic lives. i dont want to die unhappy. i will smile. i taught myself the greatest lesson in life: do what makes you happy and seize your day. life is too short to live your only life a slave. do what makes you happy and you will die with a smile.

still practicing a dead mans float?
a series of ties to choke and die on.
evolving into clones of one another.
still practicing a dead mans float?

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