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Family Force 5
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  • Chanson: It's Christmas Day
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Textes et Paroles de It's Christmas Day

I woke up this morning
And I stumbled out of my bed
Dreams from the night before
ring inside of my head
Ran down the stairs when I remembered
It's Christmas day (ay, ay, ay)
Christmas day

Everyone is right here at home
Sing all those songs we all know
This is the season for love
It's Christmas day (ay, ay, ay)

A day like any other day
Where even the coldest of hearts will pray
For peace on earth and good will to all men
We all can remember the greatest
The greatest gift of all

It's Christmas day

I saw all the presents
wrapped underneath the tree
Now I'm surrounded by my family
Oh, I can hardly believe
That it's Christmas day (ay, ay, ay)


Children singing
And the jingle bells ringing
Wake up it's Christmas morn
The day our king was born

Snowflake are falling
All the times that we're recalling
We laugh and celebrate
Today is Christmas day

It's Christmas day
Christmas day

[Chorus x2]

It's Christmas day
Christmas day

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