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Family Force 5
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  • Artiste: Family Force 512804
  • Chanson: The Baby
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Textes et Paroles de The Baby

North Star, hanging in the sky
Shining down, where He lies
Gonna be a life changer
Sleeping in a manger, tonight

Riding on the town into Bethlehem, see?
Hey, Girl, the Baby's so pretty
Got you some Frankincense, got you some Murr
Gotta truck full of presents, should I dump 'em right hur?

Gifts (for the Baby)
Presents (for the Baby)
I'll make it rain (all night on for the Baby)
I got some Silver & Gold
Let the legend be told
Don't you know that I'm all about the Baby?

Wrapped up in some swaddling clothes
...I think Mary knows
Yeah, we came this far
We are the kings that know who You are

[Bridge #2]
Comin' on a ride
Away from my Hood
Got You some Incense,
'Cuz it smells so good

[Chorus x2]

Where you put the Silver at?
Where you want the Gold?
Momma got some royalty
She gave the whole World

Fallin' from the sky
Yeah, it's gettin' kinda rainy
Porin' down rain
'Cuz I'm all about the Baby
[More rap]

[Chorus x2]

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