Paroles Emily de Fastball

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  • Artiste: Fastball5138
  • Chanson: Emily
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Textes et Paroles de Emily

(Tony Scalzo)

Emily shrugs and drags her heels,
As she takes the guided tour
It seemed like such an amazing deal
When she was looking at the brochure
Stuck on a bus with strangers
Wishing she could be ay home with me

Poor little Emily, how does it feel to be free?

Lying in bed the pain in my head from running around all day
Trying to find what was rightfully mine
But I ran out of things to say
Running around with strangers
Wishing she could run away with me..

Poor little Emily, how does it feel to be free

From familiar fingertips to a persecuted grip?
From the pan into the fire,
Now a thread becomes a wire
Under which you must crawl,
Through a ditch and over the wall
Emily works her fingers right down to her aching bones
While my aching head's got me stuck in bed
Working on being alone
Working around the clock
Wishing she had worked it out with me

Poor little Emily, how does it feel to be free?

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