Paroles Falling Upstairs de Fastball

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  • Artiste: Fastball5138
  • Chanson: Falling Upstairs
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Textes et Paroles de Falling Upstairs

Long before I ever saw your face
I got to know you in a dream
But things aren't always what they seem
You learn along the way

I just can't stop myself from breaking down
It's just no good unless you come around
I turn into a monster
all my friends agree

So goodnight
I'm going to bed
I'm falling upstairs to meet you
I wake up with memories in my head
I'm someone else instead
Fallin' upstairs to you

You came to me from secret place
You're beautiful and strange to me
Just like an antique melody
Too sad for me to play

I hope you'll wait for me behind closed eyes
I know I'll search for you all through the night
'Till when the dawn breaks in and throws it's light
Around the room

I'm going to bed
I'm falling upstairs to meet you
I wake up with memories in my head
I'm somewhere else instead
Falling upstairs to you
Falling upstairs to you

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