Paroles Erase de Fear Of Water

Fear Of Water
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  • Chanson: Erase
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Textes et Paroles de Erase

I see you walking by but I avoid you
Because I'm feeling weak,
I cannot look you in the eye
It's inside still

I can't erase the pain
No I can't erase the pain

Maybe someday I won't feel the way I do for you
You'll be behind me
Maybe I won't wake up scared to be alone again
But maybe I won't
Because I just see the rain,
I see the way it used to be
The things I've done to fuck things up
And I can't change them back
Maybe I'll never leave the lonely road I'm walking on by myself
I'm by myself because you're not with me

I can't erase the pain
No I can't erase the pain

I can't erase the pain
(It's overwhelming)
I can't erase the pain
(You bring me to my knees)
I can't erase the pain
(I can't make it stop, I can't make it go away)
I can't erase the pain

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