Paroles New Hits Suck de Fickle

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  • Artiste: Fickle15592
  • Chanson: New Hits Suck
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Textes et Paroles de New Hits Suck

Fuck tuner since (Smash radio cause) nothing can happen or be interesting to you
All new hits suck this is real we tell the truth

You're not like many people who hate what we do
Idiots, they don't get it we would like to say thank you

Please continue

To us all we can learn are some commercial stakes
Too many love songs with the same chords cause those guys lack inspiration

Nothing will change we'll stay the same
Never sing with pop singers, assholes like them
Cause now I know all you can see
You won't be disappointed with me

Punk rock's the best it adds fun in all that you can do
We try to play this one and we want to continue

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