Paroles You'd Better Realize de Fickle

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  • Artiste: Fickle15592
  • Chanson: You'd Better Realize
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Textes et Paroles de You'd Better Realize

My eyes keep focused on what you've just made to me and my head
Start burning when you're speaking on TV
Could they stop their song a minute nice speaker or soon they'll make me sicker in their dirty games
They'll always persist in dragging me down but I'm already underground

Just an open-mind on the other side want'em to know get out of my life
They must take quickly flight cause they only deserve to be down

Too much noise for nothing It's their favourite game
They're playing a man stuck to his screen
What a beautiful hope we're given
No one move of a finger, no one dare to say how many times will it take to kick'em away and again for release silly son still you hold on

Now it's time to wake up

Don't be a slave of the screen cause you don't need them
Never submit to their rules, save yourself
Leave this world
Remember how this system narrows our mind
What can we do?

You don't need them so save yourself and sometimes turn the screen off
Don't be a slave so turn it off this one is full of shit

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