Paroles Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux) de Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim
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  • Artiste: Fields Of The Nephilim9213
  • Chanson: Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)
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Textes et Paroles de Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel?
Can you see me now?
Then reveal
(Which way from here?)
(Which way from here?)
Look away
Your time has come
Turn away
Are you happy here?
Open the door
Let me in
Face me now
And burn within
Awaken us
Don't you throw it all away
There's a place for us
I know another way
How does it feel?
Now you will feel
That I'm on your side
How do you feel?
Does it burn inside?
Do you know?
Things to come?
Don't you know?
Do you not believe? (Nephilim)
See beyond the lie/Save your new life(?)
And move lunch*
Until you feel inside
Not for them/Nephilim(?)
(Which way from here?)

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