Paroles The Watchman de Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim
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  • Artiste: Fields Of The Nephilim9213
  • Chanson: The Watchman
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Textes et Paroles de The Watchman

Innocence is hurting, a world speaks out of tune
Promise calls, promise falls, what are we to do?
With a clouded view, you follow me through

Sadly the tides are changing, my world slips out of you
Your body falls, my body calls, what are we to do
With a clouded view, you follow me through

My lifes turning pages, I see a promised day
Watchmen never age here, they just sleep in vain
Drowning people stare here, they don't care to call
So I rebury the pages, Kthulhu calls...

You'll see, you'll see her when she starts to form
You'll see, you'll see her when she starts to call

In the name of Jesus Christ won't you fear my name
I've been around since Moses, your preacher never came

You'll see, you'll see her when she starts to form
You'll see, you'll see her when she starts to call
Follow me...

You sleep, you sleep, follow me

It's just another day, remember I am calling you
Just another day, remember she's calling for you
Just another day, Kthulhu I am calling for you
Just another day, An empire has fallen from view

You sleep, you sleep
Follow me
You sleep, you sleep
You cannot follow me

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