Paroles Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage) de Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim
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  • Artiste: Fields Of The Nephilim9213
  • Chanson: Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage)
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Textes et Paroles de Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage)

(86 degrees)
(86 degrees)
(86 degrees)
(Yes today)
All Evil it has come from here
the Camphor gets no warmer
Ye Nacoaler*, our Crucified Creator
Down* count to zero burning cold now
I'll be there for the rest of my life
I want to breath
But out of you
Malaria messiah
Burning in the weather
Skin crumbles
skin my life
Xiberia, Xiberia
Xiberia, Xiberia
Xiberia, Xiberia
Heart, heart, heart
We're in the warm*
You're in ????
Higher, higher, higher
No feeling no motion
Yet still alive
(You can see the doorway towards your betrayer)
(86 degrees below)
86 degrees and below
(Heartbeat increases)
(Unleash yourself*)
You're still alive
86 degrees and below
Frozen for the new day
Seasons in the Ice cage
We're on fire

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