Paroles Blue de Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals
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  • Artiste: Fine Young Cannibals4091
  • Chanson: Blue
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Textes et Paroles de Blue

I've had a bad day, yeah.
My hometown is falling down, I'm mad about that.
And people there don't seem to care, I'm mad about that.

Good god, almighty
There's no denying life
Would be better if I never ever had to live with you,
Blue - it's a colour so cruel

Repeat chorus

Government has done me wrong, I'm mad about that.
And it makes me feel like I don't belong, I'm mad about that.
It's making life a misery, you wouldn't have taken the liberty
Government has done me wrong, I'm mad about that.


Repeat chorus

There you go telling lies, it's no surprise
I say a prayer, to make you care,
You wouldn't listen
It's been too long, it's time you're gone
Get away from here
I've had too much - but not enough
It's time you left

Chorus x 3

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