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  • Chanson: Muscle Of Love
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Textes et Paroles de Muscle Of Love

[Alice Cooper cover]

Aw, who's the queen of the locker room
Who's the cream of the crop
Well Joey took her to the matinee
Said, "God, she wouldn't stop!"

Holy muscle of love
My heart's a muscle

Well, I must have come to that crazy age
Where ev'rything is hot
'Cause I don't know if the things I'm thinking
Are normal thoughts or not

Holy muscle of love
Well, I got a muscle of love

I read Dad's books like I did before
Now things are crystal clear
Lock the door in the bathroom now
I just can't get caught in here

Holy muscle of love
Well, I got a muscle of love
Holy muscle of love
I got a muscle of love
Holy muscle of love
My heart's a muscle of love
Holy muscle of love
Well, I got a muscle of love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Must be a gift from above
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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