Paroles That's All I Know de Fleming & John

Fleming & John
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  • Chanson: That's All I Know
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Textes et Paroles de That's All I Know

Daddy's crawling around on his knees and hands
but all he finds is popcorn and rubber bands
And he says to me you had it last
you channel surfing maniac
it didn't just sprout legs and run out of the room
So I said go ahead interrogate me
if you must incarcerate me
But I already told you what I know

And that's all I know
So please don't ask me anymore that's all I know

Now he's combing through every ounce of trash
he thinks that I threw it out with his corned beef hash
And he says why can't you keep up with anything
you know you'd lose your head if it wasn't so big
And I say go ahead now scrutinize me
then why don't you hypnotize me
You'll see I'm telling you the truth

And that's all I know
So please don't ask me anymore that's all I know

Well I love you mom and I love you daddy
and I sure am glad that you had me
but is it worth it?
Over a stupid remote control?

That's all I know
The rest will fall in place I'm sure that's all I know
So please don't ask me anymore that's all I know

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