Paroles Bloodred Massacre de Fleshcrawl

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  • Artiste: Fleshcrawl9242
  • Chanson: Bloodred Massacre
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Textes et Paroles de Bloodred Massacre

[music: Mike, Stefan / lyrics: Bastian]

I'm walking on the edge, might be falling
The virtual abyss, keeps on growing
Solid way of life, seems to get lost
The second me myself, forces unknown
Turn myself around, haunting shadows
Mirrors of my mind, strange to myself
Got no fuckin' clue, of whatsoever
Seems that I'll go through, my own massacre

Bloodred Massacre, bloodred massacre

Unsatisfied with the outturn of life
Twofaced I stay true to my game
Can't figure out what is left of my beliefs
As i watch all my dreams fade away

No indulgence for me
I'll go astray within my own world
What the fuck is going on with me ?
Infiltration of my sanity

Nothingness, devours my soul
And extinguishs my will
Helplessly, watch it unfold
As it sucks up my energy

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