Paroles Rest in Pain (R.I.P.) de Fleshcrawl

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  • Artiste: Fleshcrawl9242
  • Chanson: Rest in Pain (R.I.P.)
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Rest in Pain (R.I.P.)

Rest in pain
Dark is the day
Black is the night
You cannot hide
Rest in pain
I am the one - destined to come
You must obey - rest in pain
Demons in fire - Infernal desire
You gotta burn - rest in pain
You'll feel my wrath - Paving your path
Into your grave - rest in pain

Your blood - your skin
Your flesh - best served fresh

[repeat chorus]

Pain on my mind - death you will find
Sucking your blood - rest in pain

Send you to hell - in darkness you'll dwell
Pounding your flesh - rest in pain

Touching the dead - feeling the blade
Covered in hate - rest in pain

Demons of death - take your last breath
To hell you will ride - rest in pain

[repeat chorus x2]

You - rest in pain
Bloodstained - suffering


Death - feel the dead
Depraved - touch your grave


[repeat verse]

[repeat chorus x2]

Rest in pain

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