Paroles Demon Woman de Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords
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  • Artiste: Flight Of The Conchords12786
  • Chanson: Demon Woman
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Textes et Paroles de Demon Woman

Demon womanDemon womanDemon woman, your hair is like silk But your curdling my milkI know not of what ilk thou artDemon womanWoman demonDemon woman, you sit on a rockLooking nice in your frockBut your scaring my livestockDemon womanWoman demonDemon woman, you're making me moanTurn my bone into stoneAnd you're takin' me homeTo meet your familiarsNice to meet yaYou cast your spellVery wellDemon womanDemon womanWoman demonDemon woman, you cut puppies' toes offPull an animal's nose off How'd you magic my clothes off?Demon woman, take me back to your room Make me howl at the moonMake me pray to the temple of wombDemon womanWoman demonYour breasts are balls of flameAnd I'm burinin' my hands Playing these ball gamesDemon womanDemon womanDemon womanWoman demonOh woman, ow ow ow

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