Paroles We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady de Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords
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  • Chanson: We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady
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Textes et Paroles de We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady

BRET: I think I've fallen in love with a girl, and it's serious.

JEMAINE: Ooh, that's great news, Bret, tell me 'bout that girl that's so serious.

BRET: Well, I don't really know her.

JEMAINE: Ooh, that don't sound so serious.

BRET: We're serious, I'm delirious!

JEMAINE: Sounds serious.

BRET: Yeahh.

JEMAINE: That's cool. I've met a new girl too.

BRET: Have you?


BRET: One of those girls you met on the net?

JEMAINE: No, we really met.

BRET: Well, that's great news, what's she like, what does she do?

JEMAINE: All I know, dawg, is that she's careless with her dog. I'm not sure what she does, 'cept she makes me want her, she makes me wanna get on top of her!

BRET: Well, that sounds great, man, that sounds great. Heyy, wait! Maybe I'm crazy, but when d'you meet this lady?

JEMAINE: Just then.

BRET: Right then?


BRET: Right then?

JEMAINE: Right then.

BRET: Where?


BRET: Over there?

JEMAINE: Over there.

BRET: Over there, there?

JEMAINE: Over there, there, there!

BRET: Just now?

JEMAINE: Just now.

BOTH: How d'you meet your lady?

BRET: I was going for a jog and she lost the dog.

JEMAINE: I was runnin' in the area, she lost the terrier.

BRET: Was this about 20 seconds ago?

JEMAINE: No, about 23 seconds ago.

BOTH: Oh, wow, no.

BRET: Oh, no!

JEMAINE: Oh, no.

BRET: Oh, no, oh, no!

JEMAINE: No, no, what?

BRET: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

JEMAINE: No, I'm thinkin' what I'M thinkin'.

BRET: But are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

JEMAINE: No, cos you're thinkin' I'm thinkin' what you're thinkin'!

BRET: Are you talkin' about a girl with a beautiful smile?


BRET: Like strawberry wild?

JEMAINE: Yeah! Yeah.

BRET: Blueberry tracksuit pants ...

JEMAINE: White chocolate skin ...

BRET: And socks!

JEMAINE: That sounds like her!

BRET: Hang on a minute. Stop the track. Eugene, stop the track!
Do you mean the girl who came up to us when we were runnin' in the park just now, and she was looking for her epilectic dog?

JEMAINE: Yeah, that's the girl!

BRET: Was her name Brahbrah?

JEMAINE: No, I think it was Barbara.

BRET: Her name was Brahbrah.

JEMAINE: It was Barbara, there's no such name as 'Brahbrah'!

BRET: It's Brahbrah.


BRET: It was Brahbrah!

JEMAINE: Barabara!

BRET: Brahbrah!

JEMAINE: Barbara!

BRET: Brahbrah!

JEMAINE: Barbara!
Bret, she was lookin' at me.

BRET: No, she was lookin' at me.

JEMAINE: Bret! She was lookin' at me, she had her eye on my knee.

BRET: Dawg, I'm sorry, she had her eye on my guns.

JEMAINE: Oh you loco, she was checkin' out my buns!

BRET: No, bro, she had an eye on me!

JEMAINE: She had an eye on me.

BRET: Well, how could she have an eye on both of us?
Wait a minute, you talkin' about the girl with the laaazy eye?

JEMAINE: I think she mighta had a slightly lazy eye ...

BOTH: We're both in love with a sexy lady
With the eye that's lazy, the girl that's fly with the wonky eye
She's smokin' with the eye that's broken, I think it's hot
The way she looks left a lot
Yeah ...
We're both in love with a sexy lady

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