Paroles Zombie blues de Flipron

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  • Artiste: Flipron44528
  • Chanson: Zombie blues
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Textes et Paroles de Zombie blues

I only wanted to sing
and i can't even talk
but i'm awake i can moan
and i can just about walk
though my toes are falling out of
my rotten old funeral shoes
and the moon makes a dawn
for the remnants like me
for the hands that hang like guilty men
for the sightless eyes that see
for the mummified memories of love
that dead hearts cannot bear to lose
for the zombies who must sing the blues

as we stagger through the night time
and the moon climbs higher
I hear the moans of a new nation
of a great zombie choir
and you've made it very clear
that we're not welcome in your town
oh but we're going to stick around
irresistably guided by your
unmistakeable, incandescent
beacon of sound oh yeah

we heard you sing the zombie blues
we heard you sing the zombie blues
we heard you sing the zombie blues
and if you want to sing a different song
you're going to have to choose

oh well you wear you living flesh
with such a strut and such a swagger
but when things don't go your way
you start the zombie moan and stagger
and there's a rotten smell about the way
you mummify your feelings and your views
and the faces of the dead
that are pressed against you gate
are like those voiceless longings
with which you push against your fate
and you're going to have to face them
and lose those things you cannot bear to lose
or else you've got to sing the zombie blues

we heard you sing the zombie blues
we heard you sing the zombie blues
we heard you sing the zombie blues

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