Paroles The Invitation de Floater

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  • Artiste: Floater12828
  • Chanson: The Invitation
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Textes et Paroles de The Invitation

Am I getting through?
Am I losing you?
Just give me some little sign.

You're drifting out to sea...
You can't do this to me.
I gave you all that was mine, Yeah...

Do you see
that you were always alone
until you befriended me?

How you've grown...
just take a look at yourself.
The stranger has found a home.

And I could leave this place,
and I could almost fly...
If I could only just reach the window...

One, two, three, four...

You had sex on television,
watched a clock.
Did you never notice that your life has stopped?
think I'm arranging
in some thin little ways.
And you cry...
take me away sister,
won't you leave me astray sister?
was my taste not as sweet...
as your tongue wanted?

You need me, we're the same.
You need me, we're the same.
You need me, we're the same.
You need...

Yes, it's a shock.
but trust me, you'll feel better after.

I see- I see you must have lost your way,
but I can bring you back again.

Go through the sky again,
breath, open your eyes,
feel your skin grow cold...
I can bring you back again.

Be yourself again.

I was so kind...
Went nearly out of my mind.
But I was thinking of you the whole time.

And I gave you all that was mine.

I gave you all that was mine.
I gave you all that was mine.
I gave you all that was mine.
I gave you all that was mine.

I gave you...
I gave you...

I gave you.

Come back to me.

Come back to me.

Come back to me.

To come back to me.

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