Paroles Tomorrow Is A Closed Gate (Dead For So Long) de For My Pain...

For My Pain...
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  • Chanson: Tomorrow Is A Closed Gate (Dead For So Long)
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Textes et Paroles de Tomorrow Is A Closed Gate (Dead For So Long)

[Music: O-P Törrö, Lyrics: O-P Törrö]

A broken voice from the broken dreams
My heart is drowning in loveblood
I can't forget your leaving shape
Everyday is like a long walk in the cold rain
I'm bleeding and loosing my grip
Tomorrow is a closed gate
I have been dead for so long
And no one's gonna shed a tear
I have been dead for so long
And no one seems to care
Sometimes I really hate people close to me
They want to see my reaction
That I don't want to give
Sometimes I really want to be just dead
Without any kind of
Torturing stress
I wrote it in the dead air, I wrote it in the shape of despair
I see the silence in the stranger's smiles
They don't care
Memories in the screams of the gate, my past slowly fades
Questions are stones on my way
I'm still walking anyway

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