Paroles Hipsilophodon (A Love Song) de Fourth Grade Security Risk

Fourth Grade Security Risk
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  • Chanson: Hipsilophodon (A Love Song)
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Textes et Paroles de Hipsilophodon (A Love Song)

You could be my friend
you were about five feet tall.
I'd take you to work,
'cause I wouldn't own a car,
with a Hipsilophodon.
A Hipsilophodon
a Hipsilophodon,
like a photon torpedo.
You'd be my best friend!
I wouldn't like any humans
any more
not with a Hipsilophodon.
like a photon torpedo.
Your hips and your tits
and your tits on my lips.
Your hips and your tits
and your tits on my lips.
Your hips and your tits
and your tits on my lips.
Your hips and your tits.
Let's get it on, Hipsilophodon.

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