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Textes et Paroles de User

Darlin', I need to know...
If you will want to stay or go?
So I won't spend my days alone.
I never feel alone when I'm with you.

Charming, is your voice on the phone,
but are we, just playin' out the roles?
Tomorrow, will you change your tone?
I never seem to know, how you feel.
And time goes by

Lovely, when you gave your share.
We never had the smallest of cares.
But now days, seems your table's bare...
I fear of nothing there has me torn.
And time goes by...

I don't know why you don't take to I do you
I don't know why you don't give to I do
You don't want to spend your time with me... like I do
wasting my time, how could I not see??

You're usin' me just for your entertainment toy.
To buy you drinks, to give you rides.
Well I'm not playin' little slave boy.

I'll never settle for the consolation prize.
To just hang out, and be your friend.
Well you can kiss my time goodbye

Darlin',I need to know...
If you will want to stay or go?
So I won't spend my days alone.
I never feel alone when I'm with you.

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