Paroles Don't Ya Rile 'em de Frank Black

Frank Black
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  • Artiste: Frank Black2780
  • Chanson: Don't Ya Rile 'em
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Ya Rile 'em

I'm seeing how boring it gets
Back where the sun never sets
And a day is really two days

I was feeling so tired inside
My eyes were stitched open so wide
It was making me kind of uptight

Oh yeah
All right
And the power man says

Dont ya rile 'em
Going asylum [x2]
Tonight (x2)

I've been working my way back to sane
It's coming back to me again
Old navigational ways

Back in time where I belong
Theyre playing my favorite song
That whistling meteorite

Oh yeah
All right
And the power man says

Dont ya rile 'em
Going asylum [x3]

Tonight (x2)

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