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Freestyle Fellowship
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  • Chanson: Best Rapper In The World
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Textes et Paroles de Best Rapper In The World

[Self Jupiter]
Damn.. gotta swallow this shit.. like it's hot

Well I may not be the best rapper in the world
But I play as one in this reality TV sitcom
soap opera, thriller, dramatization
Huhuh.. I would get naked up in here but I'm on probation
They prob'ly striking me out for getting too open with innovation
But don't get it twisted
I'll straight flash on y'all in a five and a heartbeat
I'm fully a full-blown bully
300 and 55 pounds soaking wet stylin'
Woody Allen who be whylin', huh
Everyone say hi, to the pork, Mork and Mindy Menendez brother
Jim Jones of the mic that won't blow a cyanide capsule cover
Jupiter Hitchcock would LOVE to hit a female AIDS patient without a rubber
Talk about your rough, rugged, and raw
In the flesh, David Koresh on pearl tongues and steroids

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