Paroles P.A. de Freeway & Statik Selektah

Freeway & Statik Selektah
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  • Artiste: Freeway & Statik Selektah52312
  • Chanson: P.A.
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Textes et Paroles de P.A.

[feat. Mac Miller]

Where you from? P.A.
What you rep? P.A.
Tell them playa haters you was born and raised in. P.A.
Grind with no Delay
I just came to say I go hard for P.A. (P.A.)

Where you from? P.A.
What you rep? P.A.
Tell them playa haters we was born and raised in. P.A.
Grind with no Delay
I just came to say I do it all for P.A. (P.A.)

[Verse: Mac Miller]
Motherfucker I'm from PA right now in the BK
Statik that's a DJ, hear me rock the mic with Freeway
Iv been up three days, grinding you can tell it's Pennsylvania
The record keep on spinning like the devil from Tasmania
And we insane with the mic how we be blazing up
Andretti couldn't race with us, I slow it down, change it up
That's just the way I does, easy come easy go
I be chillin with the legends who was teaching me to flow
Young CEO Donald Trump with better hair
Pa got my back wherever I go I'm never scared
Let's just show the world that the burgh and Philly cool
Your girl memorizing the words of my interview
I tell these hoes I got a bed in breakfast you can be tonight's guest
Iv been pimpin since been pimpin shout out Mike Epps
Statik drop the beat, gotta delay quick
I'll tell em acapella that I'm on my PA shit

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