Paroles Lakes of Sleep de Friska Viljor

Friska Viljor
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  • Artiste: Friska Viljor13566
  • Chanson: Lakes of Sleep
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Textes et Paroles de Lakes of Sleep

I've been longing for some yearsIt's the journey that awakes my fearIf I don't try it I won't get it doneI've been moving with the pace of snailsStanding still like the bricks I'm inAnd now I'm down here in a lake so steepI've been hanging with the ones I needTo help me learn how to do indeedI'm just waiting all the crucial thingsA little warning in my head it seemsSo what is emotionA pain in the heart when you breathe?I've got no devotionI'm trying but I can't believeI've been walking to the end of rainPushing forward in the speeding laneBut I am back to where I started nowThe silence taunts me with the darkest noice withinThe lights keeps shining with the darkest ringAnd I am stuck in the midst of the voidSo what is emotionA pain in the heart when you breath?I've got no devotionI'm trying but I can't believe

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