Paroles Wohlwill Strasse de Friska Viljor

Friska Viljor
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  • Artiste: Friska Viljor13566
  • Chanson: Wohlwill Strasse
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Textes et Paroles de Wohlwill Strasse

The sun stood high that dayWhen we kept crossing every street in this town from side to sideAnd we could not believeWhen we met this nice guy located near Hamburger BergCause we had been down there for a couple of daysGetting nothing but drunk and we were lost in a hazeSo all this time we were wondering ifWe had gone to the right townIt was not until we met this manAnd all his beautiful friends they started to show us aroundThat we really knew where we should goWe should go toWohlwillstrasseIt's where we should go, where we should goHe invited us to come later that night and play somemusic at his record storeAnd he had gathered some of his neighbours and friendson the street that we now adoreCause they were love distilled into the biggest heartBeing honest and true to who they really areAnd it kept growing and growing with the greatest forceWe had gone to the right townAnd those beautiful friends invited us to stayAt their place on this street that we will never forgetWe want to go back to the Wohlwill loveWe want to go back to the Wohlwill loveWohlwillstrasseIt's where we should go, were we should go

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