Paroles Let's Go! de FunkyJahPunkys

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  • Artiste: FunkyJahPunkys45283
  • Chanson: Let's Go!
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Textes et Paroles de Let's Go!

Lets go, Lets go, Lets go, Lets go

Lets go to the punk rock show
Come with me, I'm about to roll
You're feeling good and so am I
Lets all go punk rock tonight

Lets go, Lets go, Lets go, Lets go

Lets go to the punk rock show
Knees and elbows we're about to throw
Spinning circles and singing songs
Everyone's gonna get along

Lets go, Lets go, Lets go, Lets go

Hey man, you like punk rock?
Yah dude, I love punk rock
Got any plans tonight?
No man, nothing major
Wanna go to a show?
Hell yeah, I'd love to go to a show
Well then, Lets go

Lets go, Lets go, Lets go, Lets go
Lets go, Lets go, Lets go, Lets go

Lets go Lets go Lets go, Lets go, Lets go
To the punk, rock, show

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(Thanks to FunkyJahPunkys for these lyrics)

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