Paroles I Am de Further Seems Forever

Further Seems Forever
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  • Chanson: I Am
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Textes et Paroles de I Am

I am the water, I am waves crashing onto you
I am the blank wave, I am the madness, the dark, the hunt, the cage, the race
I am rejection, I am redemption
I am desire for obligation, I am forever, but I could be never if thats what you want.
I am the desert, I am oasis for strength, the weakness for arguments sake
I am rejection, I am redemption, I am desire for obligation, I am one step closer for you
Please tell me when you're through, because I may not be through with you
You're loss to sustain, but I will remain and true to form. If this was the last breath I ever took would you take the time
to look, and would you know?
Or would you know?
Or would you know?
Becuase I am the water, I am waves crashing onto you
You could pretend to be, but you will kill me when you're through.

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