Paroles Do It For Free de G. Love And Special Sauce

G. Love And Special Sauce
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  • Artiste: G. Love And Special Sauce13915
  • Chanson: Do It For Free
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Textes et Paroles de Do It For Free

You keep takingand taxing
Faking and I can't relaxing
You're making me way too uptight
When you push and fight
Pull and funk your way to the front
You think I'm on stage to pull a stunt
I'm amazed by your capacity
At winding me up
So that I can't release you see
You see me backstage
And engage me in your rhythm
My head is swimming
This place is filled with smoke and women
You told me that the music couldn't be much phatter
I said I got a girlfriend
You said it didn't matter
She started pressing up
And I was getting kinda heated
The pressure's building up
And release is what I needed
She's begging and pleading
Begging and pleading
I'm pressed against the wall
Like a piece of graffitti
She needs me, she needs me, she-needs-me

Could you do it for free?
Could you do it for me?
Could you do it for free?
Could you do it for me?

Late last night I had a crazy vision
I was on stage on my musical mission
Aiming at love of a godly kind
Til love's light shone out
Nearly making me blind
I've heard of flying doves
Birds of a feather
I've heard of loving lace
I've heard of loving leather
I've heard of loving one night
And writing love letters
The way I love this girl
I could never forget her
Sometimes lovers wait
Sometimes I want to get her
Sometimes love is worse
Sometimes love is better
I've heard of love passing
And I've heard of love severed
The way I love this girl
I'm gonna love her forever

Could you do it for free?
Could you do it for me?
Could you do it for free?
Could you do it for me?

I had a feeling of hunger
When I first met your eyes
There is no suprise
I can feel you over years
And many miles
Though separations occur
It's all part of life
Some people wait forever
Some never wait a night
You have to give it time babe
Please let love breathe
You're the one I desire
I'm the one that you need
Our love will be complete
Just like a seed that's planted
The loving comes strong
I hope that you can stand it
I never planned that it would work out this way
So when the sun rises please dont leave me babe
I could love you forever tonight

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