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G. Love And Special Sauce
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  • Artiste: G. Love And Special Sauce13915
  • Chanson: Relax
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Textes et Paroles de Relax

Let's all just relax
And get into this groove
The room's starting to move
Now turn the red lights on
You know the kind that I like
Deep blues and reds
With purple highlights

But don't forget my Oohhs
And fade in my Ahhs

Fade out the parades
And the charades
Making music like love is made
And lovers wait patiently
And with joy
For the right moment
to explor in passion
Why everlasting love is everlasting

But don't forget my Oohhs
And fade in my Ahhs

Ther's no need to argue for better position
Realize the moment that you're in is magic
Stellare regions cry everything has its season
Everything happens for a reason
So who are we to worry at any rate
The plane that crashed
We missed 'cause we were running late
And if success eludes you
Then you must choose to do
What other people wouldn't do

But don't forget my Oohhs
And fade in my Ahhs

So as cold night fades into darkness
Harken to the fire
Where you may find some peace
As many people pass
Some good and some bad
But this fire glows stronger yet
And burning bright reminds us

To ever be reborn
The sun sets soon
Uprises the moon
The sun sets soon
Uprises the moon

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