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G. Love And Special Sauce
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  • Chanson: The Hustle
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Textes et Paroles de The Hustle

Well it's a hustle, it's a hustle every day of life,
And it's enough to keep your head above the water, see
It seems the older I get the more freedom I have
But everything is complicated to me

Responsibility's parkin
Take the stress, oh my god, get off my back before I snap and break
Know I gots to elevate. Rob my fate
Take it to the highest from the ramen noon
The city streets, the rhythms from my freaky sneaks, sneaky freaks

Stoppin by madonna
To recharge my cells
Get with the bros and have a couple laughs
Take a long drive cause I'm still alive
And if the pressure didn't get me then won't get me now
Stay high as the sky and bust the fuck out

'cause playin' is a hustle
Runnin' is a hustle
Everything's a hustle but love
Livin' is a hustle when you're workin very muscle
and you're just tryin to keep you head up
Keep your head up, ohh

The music is the thing that always made me high
And it's the warmth that left the light that never told no lies
And it's the feeling in my heart
And the tear in my eye
And the chill in my spine
And the freedom on my mind
And it's the moment that I get you know you'll get me back
And if ya ever bought for something then I'll pay ya back
But if I ever did you wrong, then forgive me,
But please don't put no evil on me
Cause I'm just anther brother from a father and mother
Trying to make my way in the world, ya see.

Livin' is a hustle, playin' is a hustle.
Everything's a hustle but love
Livin' is a hustle when you're workin' every muscle, and you're just tryin' to keep your head up
Keep your head up, ohh

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