Paroles Worth Your While de Gabe Bondoc

Gabe Bondoc
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  • Chanson: Worth Your While
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Textes et Paroles de Worth Your While

Well I dont know what goes on behind closed doors

And I'm not exactly sure where my love goes

It's been used and abused, bruised and confused

You say yours has too, what a coincidence

On what occasion do terms of what the circumstance

I'm sure that you would understand

When I say that, the nights get kinda lonely

You wanna meet somewhere tonight?


I'll make it worth your while

Make it worth your while

di de dum do ba doo ba daa da be da

I'll make it worth your while

I'll make it worth your while

di de dum do ba doo ba daa da be da

No pressure at all

Imma give you my number but you dont have to call

You can keep it in your pocket

Turn around and toss it

But if ever you need someone to new to talk to

You know what to do

I know its corny but

The nights get kinda lonely

And you can call me anytime


Theres so many things

I've been wonderin

Im dreading carefully

I dont wanna move too far

Such a sweet simplicity

Wonder if you'll listen to me

When I ask you how you are

And if you like to watch the stars

And maybe somethin even

Right after eatin

If you're not to full

Maybe you and I

We could look up at the sky


da da du da da ba du da ba dub dup di

your body is a wonderland

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