Paroles Broad Daylight de Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios
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  • Artiste: Gabriel Rios13991
  • Chanson: Broad Daylight
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Textes et Paroles de Broad Daylight

Back in the old days, tight like a fight,
used to hang with the devil in the broad day light
We had a route, a walkabout,
until we had a row, a kind of falling out
He showed me the low
showed me the down
called it the happy low down
We used to crack some tunes with a guy named Loyd
Loyd still got them polaroids

Chorus: broad day light (2x)

Stop climaxing, you got your fight
leaving him alone in the broad day light
He might get it on on his own and start building a throne
out of worn out razors
Look at you shaking
you can t find his plight
Got you scared of ghosts in the dead of night
While you are making up stories trying to make it ok,
he ll be bringing them in to let them out and play

In the broad day light

Broad day light
Leaving me alone in the broad day light
In the broad day light
Please don t leave me alone
Leaving me alone in the broad day light

You ll get your money, you ll get your night
just leave me alone up in the broad day light
I need some shit of my own, I need a throne
not them razors
And who you think you are screaming Hollywood burn?
If you really want to stop it then burn your sperm
cause this here be going on until its not and then a little more


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