Paroles New To Somebody de Gabriela Kulka

Gabriela Kulka
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  • Artiste: Gabriela Kulka38883
  • Chanson: New To Somebody
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Textes et Paroles de New To Somebody

Who has given you the right to say how much is enough
and if you claim to be bored I am calling your bluff

And who has made you judge of what's been used and what is new
you claim the game that we played has grown old, but all that is old to you

Will be new to somebody
It will be new to somebody
It will be new to somebody
Will be new to somebody
but not to you

Who are you to say that you don't anymore
Who are you to claim that you even did before
No matter who you are, you are stretching your luck too far

It might be news to somebody
but not to me

Who knows, we might remain friends
Meanwhile, your throat - my hands
I'll teach you 'bout long term plans

Then I'll be new to somebody
I'll be new to somebody
I'll be new to somebody
I'll be new to somebody
but not to you

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