Paroles Shark de Gabriela Kulka

Gabriela Kulka
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  • Artiste: Gabriela Kulka38883
  • Chanson: Shark
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Textes et Paroles de Shark

Shark is a tool of Man's salvation
by proving God is watching over seamen and swimmers
- such pride of men, such pride of Men will be their doom,
said the shark biting into a starboard, on a lazy bloodshed afternoon

Such shark was made by the Bigger Fish
who had more teeth than you'd ever wish to meet
and maybe God's got an alternate plan
to save the fish instead of men, and so
stay humble in its jaw

Cause maybe Man is a tool of Shark's salvation
by proving fish are taking over sooner or later
when the kids go skinny-dipping and the mothers all go sleeping in the sand
Manna from heaven to the Water Land
Water Land...

Cause we're all rowing on the same boat
We're all munching on the same sailors
And we'd all like God to take one side
as we split the world along the jawline
along the jawline

So maybe Shark and Man in God we trust
And God is there to save the world
from us

Save the world from us
Save the world from us
oh yeah

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