Paroles U + K (translated) de Gackt

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  • Artiste: Gackt13996
  • Chanson: U + K (translated)
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Textes et Paroles de U + K (translated)

Don't say anything
You're just a little bit frightened now so
Don't say anything
You're just a little bit in grief so

In the last act, after your prayers

The magic of the moon is...shall a le rilla
Because we whisper in sugary voices
If just one more wish comes true
I want to join hands with you and laugh

Inside of the dream
Inside of the memory, we'll definitely meet again
if you can regain your smile
If your laughing slf returns
Sadness will turn into kindness

'As that far off memory was...' with all your desires

The magic of the moon is...shalle a le rilla
If you can forget your tears
If you can touch your kindness
I want to sleep near you

If the magic of the moon vanishes
Because goodbyes are visited again
If we can follow our feelings right now
I want to join hands with you and dance

Inside of the light, the place we should return to
Because I'll meet you again somewhere

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