Paroles I Thought I Knew You de Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm
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  • Artiste: Gaelic Storm14035
  • Chanson: I Thought I Knew You
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Textes et Paroles de I Thought I Knew You

Surfin' though the pages of my mind,
I find picture of you,
You were young and I was too,
"I do" you said, and I beleived you

Singing songs and dancing in the street,
the beat I don't remeber,
A barking dog, a velvet chain,
the rain was cold but you were colder

I thought I knew you
I thought I knew you
I thought I knew what you're about
I doubt If I ever knew you

We took the ferry late at night,
first light discovered us together
we agreed that paradise was nice,
but couldn't last forever

Bright eyed and busy tailed
I failed to see what everyone else saw,
moss growing on the roof
the truth was getting hard to swallow


For every left there is a right, for every day there is a night,
a moon, a sun, a smoking gun, a tear, an eye, hello, goodbye
For every hand there is a glove, for every hate there is a love
Heaven, earth, a death, a birth, a hat, a head, a hunger....


Tomorrow never comes they say,
but hey you know I don't beleive them
I close my eyes and drift away
today has gone, I'm still standing
I'm still standing
I'm still standing, oh!

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