Paroles As Time Goes By de Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
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  • Artiste: Gamma Ray2782
  • Chanson: As Time Goes By
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Textes et Paroles de As Time Goes By

Do you believe in justice
Or so-called co-existence?
What's wrong with politicians?
They give their best for you

The economic's growin'
Some tiny holes above
A little radiation
Wake up this planet fades

You are not watching, you're part of the show
You lost the first prize a long time ago.

WAR - somebody's always starts again
HATE - the seed is growin' in our hands

As time goes by
(We never seem to beat the ones
Who say we can't be free)
As time goes by.

Do you believe in money?
Do you believe in guns?
Do you trust the press, babe?
You'd better judge yourself.

The missiles are launching, the tanks are rollin'
The guns are blazing, the sky turns black!

As time goes by
We never seem to beat the ones
Who say we can't be free
As time goes by
We're getting closer to the end of our ability
As time goes by
Is there a place to run for shelter in a high tech war
As time goes by
Can you believe and trust in God
To help you from above.

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