Paroles One Life de Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
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  • Artiste: Gamma Ray2782
  • Chanson: One Life
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Textes et Paroles de One Life

I'm lookin' for someone now to help me
To try to get on with my life
A one way lane in a dead end alley
The seatbelt is pullin' me tight

Out here in the madness
That's where I push my wheels
The hunger inside tells me feed the monster
Oh I wish that I couldn't feel

Face down in the gutter
Tryin' to keep my head up high
I wish that I'd be free now
I wish that I could fly

One life to live one heart to give
Fight until the end my friend
'cause now it's time to live time to live

Out here in the twilight
That's where the sun won't shine
I've come to realise by now
The world was never mine
The world was never mine

I'm rising from the gutter rising
And hold my head up high
It's time to break the silence
I scream out in the night

One life to live one heart to give
The final curtain's far from here
'cause now it's time to live

They send you away they're takin' your day
Out of your life and there's none you can say
Out of the blue nil you can do
They're comin' for you and they take you away

Now they want your curtain to fall
They look at you with evil eyes
They're tryin' to seize control
You're lookin' the storm in the eye
Sail away far away oh yeah

No longer in the gutter
I keep my head up high
I'll never live in silence
I keep my aim in sight

I got one life to live one heart to give
The final curtain's far from here
'cause now it's time
One chance to be free
There's only one way to be me
Everything and all I want
And that's how it's gonna be
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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