Paroles Hammering in my head de Garbage

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  • Artiste: Garbage2756
  • Chanson: Hammering in my head
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Textes et Paroles de Hammering in my head

I'm stressed but you're freestyle
I'm overworked but I'm undersexed
I must be made of concrete
I sign my name across your chest

Give out the same old answers
I trot them out for the relatives
Company tried and tested
I use the ones that I love the best

Like an animal you're moving over me
Like an animal you're moving over me

When did I get perverted
I can't remember your name
I'm growing introverted
You touch my hand and it's not the same

This was so unexpected
I never thought I'd get caught
Play boomerang with your demons
Shoot to kill and you'll pop them off

  "Version 2.0 [#6]"

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