Paroles It Takes Someone Special de Gatti-Vision

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  • Artiste: Gatti-Vision17343
  • Chanson: It Takes Someone Special
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Textes et Paroles de It Takes Someone Special

Daddy Bear standing tall and pround
His younger cub sees above the crowd
Hoisted upon his shoulder
This memory as they grow older
It never fades away
Smiles, balloons, and rainbows everyday

A kitten holds up a memory
Of watching a Big Bird on TV
And taking an evening catnap
The baby lies on his father's lap
The sun/son rises
Can't recognize us now

Anyone can be a father
But once it's over, why should they bother?
A young son ventures near the ocean
But what protects him?
His dad's devotion

A man stands beside his Father's bed
He kisses his Father on His head
"Forget what I asserted then,"
"I'll fix it and make it whole again"
"You'll see I'm the one you can always count on no matter when..."

Anyone can be a father
But once it's over, why should they bother?
The world is changing, the tides have turned
He gave his life for a lesson learned...

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