Paroles Why Can't She? de Gatti-Vision

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  • Artiste: Gatti-Vision17343
  • Chanson: Why Can't She?
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Textes et Paroles de Why Can't She?

Everybody loves him, why can't she?
Shoot shoot, stealing the loot, then flee
No one else can stand him, why should she?

Designed a system that had brought him success
He keeps it hidden and he'll never confess
He thinks that if he can improve on himself
He'll be benefitting everyone else

He blindly follows every guideline and rule
The "system" functions as a valuable tool
His former character is buried and dead
The "system" killed it when it conquered his head

In every magazine, the writers agree
Everybody wants him, why don't she?
Shoot shoot, he gives her the boot, POW
No one else would bear it, why does she?

In every magazine, the critics agree
Everybody loves him, why can't she?
Shoot shoot, stealing the loot, then flee
No one else can stand him, how can she?

He trusts the experts when they offer advice
To have that woman he would pay any price
But that'd be violating Rule #1:
"Don't show your hand until the betting is done"

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